Property Tax protest

I know there are several firms that will protest Texas property taxes for a percentage of the savings. We own several properties in several different counties (mostly vacant lots). Has anyone had good or bad experiences with these firms in the Houston area?

We only have a couple weeks to protest the valuation.

I assume you mean challenge the assessed value of the property. I have done this personally in Florida and been successful. Did not hire anyone and did not pay a percentage of the savings to anyone. Its pretty easy to do yourself, just find comparable properties that are assessed at a lower value or show how your property is not up to par with the assessors estimate.

That is exactly what I meant. The problem is, we are talking about maybe 300 properties in 4 different counties. I don’t have time to do that.

I like to know more about the florida protest. What county did you do this in and how much did you save?? I have some condo’s I like to try and get taxes lowered down on alot. Even the assessed values are high since there were condo conversions from a couple yrs ago in Palm Beach County