property showing help!

Hi all;
Can anyone help me with this? I am working with a seller to sell their house, but there is a tenant in there now (for another month) who refuses to let her/us show it while she is in there. I cannot find any info on the law on this here in Ohio. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you !


Do you have anything like this in your lease? If so, just show it regardless of whether they want you to or not. After-all, it is YOUR house! But if you don’t have some sort of prior agreement, you definitely need to know what Ohio state law says so you don’t find yourself in hot water, which I doubt would be that hot anyways.

c. SHOWING PROPERTY: After reasonable notice to TENANT, LANDLORD may show the rental unit to anyone for purposes of rental or sale, or for any other lawful purpose. After either party give notice terminating this agreement, LANDLORD will have the right to show the rental unit to prospective purchasers or renters, between 8 AM and 7 PM on any day, without further notice.

From what I could find, Ohio requires 24 hour notice to enter.

If you give 24 hour notice for the showing in Indiana, you can show the property regardless of the tenants wishes. I have only had a tenant pull this crap once, and they backed down when I offered to call the police to gain entry.

Ohio does require a 24 hour notice. The tenant will still probably be a pain in the butt. I had one tenant actually push me when I entered his apartment. After he got back up after being knocked across the room, he was a little more compliant. He called the police but they didn’t seem to have much sympathy for the little deadbeat scumbag.


LOL, drama in the hood. I love it. :biggrin