property repairs

I ran accross this guide the other day and thought that others might benefit from it as well. Its at I told my tenants about it and they have also downloaded it - with the idea that they will start doing some of the minor repairs themselves.

all the best


tenants doing repairs=bad idea.

first, it will not be done right (most likely)

second, if you get a tenant you gets behind on the rent, he will surely bring up “I did all these reapirs for you so it equal to the back rent I owe you”

Don’t forget our good friend “liability”. Say John Q. Renter busts his arm on a tight wrench that suddenly gives? Who do you think is going to get the bill??

Having tenants do their own repairs is a monumentally bad idea. They screw up an outlet and burn your house down and their kid dies, they sue you for everything you have and your insurance won’t cover you cause you authorized an unlicensed electrician. Extreme case, but this is extremely dumb.