Property Records.........

Hi everyone im new and i live in new york. where i live you can search for records online but im confuse on wat to look for. i see something that says search for document type but i dont know wat type of document to search for…they have all different types of documents can someone please help me on with one to choose…


Howdy Focusonmoney:

You need to let us know why you are searching the documents.

Some examples: Are you looking for out of town owners, tax foreclosures, mortgage foreclosure postings, etc

There is a lot of info in a deed, deed of trust, mortgage document but of no benefit unless you have a reason to obtain the info.

If it is foreclosures, there are services available for a monthly fee that can track them fast and easy. The service here in Travis County is $45 per month. I would not even try to park at our courthouse and spend an hour there for $45 much less spend all the time on line. Here too the postings are only posted on the wall and are not part of and record until they are foreclosed and would not be searchable online.

The records are great to search for various specific reasons too. For example before I just bought a house for $24,000 I learned on line that the original loan amount was $120,000 and the date and buyers name and how long the lender had owned the deal. Some good info intrying to present an offer and to find out how ready they are to deal.

Hope this helps some.

thanks for the help…the reason why i was looking for documents is because i wanted to see pre foreclose properties. what is the best way find out about these properties online or courthouse?