Property profiles for small investors

In the past I’ve had various connections to people in the industry who could get me a name/password and I could log in to places that have property information and get profiles, plat maps, history, etc…

Things seem to be tightening up due to the RE industry woes and I don’t have that ability currently. I could set up a DataQuick account but my options are $500 for a yearly account, or at least $100 a month for a monthly account. I run a private school so I’m a very part-time investor. I’ve done a few flips and I own 10 properties. There is no way I need to search hundreds of properties a month. But I’ve been spoiled in the past when I could see a place and instantly get a property profile.

It seems the data services are really set up so that individual investors have to go through someone else to get data. Would appreciate any information anyone has on ways an individual investor can get property profiles as needed for a reasonable fee.

Call the title company you used to close your deals, if you have used them more than once odds are they will remember you and let you use their data base. Most of the time they won’t charge you a dime.

What is in a property profile that you don’t see online in the tax assessor’s property card?

Tax assessor’s web site is free in my area. I see the property detail, name and address of owner, limited prior ownership history, assessed value, and property tax amount.

What am I missing by not getting a property profile ?

depends on what you’re trying to do within the business. Please elaborate on your goals or business model