Property Owner search

Heya everyone

I am a newbie looking to start flipping and hope you can help me. I have identified several ‘ugly’ properties and now I want to find out the owners name (primarily) and additional information such as when they purchased the propery and how much the mortgage was for etc.

I found my county’s website ( but there are two problems:

  1. They charge for information and I would prefer a free service
  2. You need to know the parcel number rather than the address.

So my question is what are my options here?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


Your county charges for PUBLIC INFORMATION??? What a ripoff!

One alternative is to go to the county records office and look up there.

Where are you?


They call it a “viewing, saving, and printing fee”.

I am in Grand Rapids Michigan


i got on that site and saw no where asking for a fee. also you can put parcel or to this:

You are so awesome!!

I am online staring at webpages all day long for my job so I think I must have only glossed over this.

Thanks for your help this.