Property on two lots-separate owners

The property sits right on the lot line of two lots-

The owner of the other lot hasn’t paid taxes on it, and is probably not aware they own it.

Can’t find the other property owner anywhere, but heard from owner of the house that they live in Germany. Who knows.

How do I get the two lots turned into one?

You will have to get cooperation from both owners to fix this.

Issue: Two tax bills are being sent someplace. Where?

Issue: Building a structure ‘ON’ the lot line is pretty much a code violation everywhere for the last 60 years.

Issue: The city/country could condemn the structure for not meeting code (too close to the property line, unless it was grandfathered into a lot split, or something…

Issue: Why has not the lot owner been paying taxes?

Issue: A certified survey will cost about $2,500, and is the least of your expenses.

Issue: Legal counsel, feedback, representation to city planner/council, for zoning change, property line change, or ???.

This deal must represent a substantial upside with which to screw, before you start screwing with it.

Javipa is spot on.

The other alternative would be to find out if the taxes really have not been paid.

Go to the next tax lien/deed sale and buy the taxes and wait out the redemption period.

Go to court and get a quiet title for about $2,500.00 in most cases. Hope nobody challenges it.

This should.can only add about three more years for you to screw with.

Hope it is WELL worth it.


 Bill your about half right, in order to get legal title to the whole property you have to possess both half's. Actually that's not completely true either if the house sit's on the property line, say one foot over it is probable possible to buy a sliver of the other lot to make this home legal. 

The problem is depending on location this may have been grandfathered long ago and the records you found were originals without the statute for use being considered. For example you place a fence three feet over in your neighbors lawn and if never caught that three feet will become part of your property legally over time.

Since you did not say what state? If this home sits equally over two lots they may have been merged under one tax parcel even though the plat records still show two individual lots. This is done sometimes to make one bigger lot to build on, sometimes the lots although owned by the same party are left individually with the intention that the main house is torn down and two siblings then have a lot each to build on.

You have to talk to the city planning and zoning department to see how this house and lots are deemed in the city, county and states eyes!

Good luck,

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Yep about half right and half wrong. I took into consideration that he had some sort of contract with the owner of the house and the other half was the parcel with no taxes paid.

Been through all those scenarios that you mention and frankly sometimes take for granted that others will recognize and realize the same.

Good Post, Thanks for updating everyone.

Bill H

The answer to your question depends on state law.
Which state is the property located in?

It’s located in Houston Texas.

House was built in 1991 at end of culdesac and the lot line runs down the middle of the house.

Separate owners for each lot, one is owner of house, the other is some person that can’t be located, doesn’t seem to know they own it and owed back taxes for the last 8 years.

Current house owner brought other lots taxes current.

Is now trying to see if title insurance will solve the issue.

I answered this question earlier today, but my answer has disappeared. Don’t know what’s up. I have contacted admin.

Thanks so much for your help

Since taxes haven’t been paid in 8 years, can the county possess it, you pay back taxes to gain ownership of the other lot, redefine lot by getting rid of adjacent property line?