property managment questions ? ? ?

My question is about property managment companys …

I am a contractor and house flipper . I would like to offer a service to landlords . apartment turn over service .
I have family members that own several rentals and I am the one they call when its time to go in clean out repair, and repaint to get units ready for new tenants. This is my first stop to ask questions about this idea, so is this a service that most property managment companys already offer? or do they mostly handle the tenants and not the repair of the property? I am wondering who it would be better to start marketing to … landlords or property managment companys? my goal would be to build up a base of landlords/investors/property owners that call me when they are going to have a empty unit or house. myself and my crew get in right away and get it rent ready in a timely maner.

Basically as a contractor I have worked for mostly home owners and some landlords. ,… time and time again it always seems that its less hassel working with landlords , basically they want cost effective tenant proof repairs and some shade of white or off white paint, all done in a timely maner so they can get the place rented and making money again… and home owners :banghead…oh welll im not sure what I want , I’ll have to go shopping at 8 stores to find the right door knob …and paint ohhhh that paint doesnt look the same on the wall as it does on that 1 inch sample…

so what advice can you give me to start working for more landlords/ investors

and if you were looking to hire someone to take care of the repairs on your propertys what would you look for?

I have learned alot reading on this site so far and any tips and advice on this subject is greatly appreciated


It’s pretty simple. Offer good quality work at a reasonable price. Had a plumber when I first got started who thought he was going to do a few quick things and charge a ton (after he talked SO MUCH about how affordable he was). I called him out on a BS repair, got almost $200 back, and never used him again. Be dependable. Anyone who I have to hound to get them to do something or can’t give me the common courtesy to let me know what’s going on if they don’t show when they say they will - does not get a call back. I have too much going on to babysit grown men. A lot of what I’ve learned for how to treat residents has come from realizing how poorly most handymen treat their customers.


I would hire you right now! Get some business cards or a little flyer and take them to property management firms. Also stop anytime you see someone working on a house, often it’s a landlord.

I keep business cards and use the contractors for emergency repairs or whatever. Then when there is reliability and good pricing I don’t use anyone else. That’s how I got my carpet cleaning guy, my locksmith, my SWAT plumber. Right now I am looking for an electrician, as their rates seem to just go up with each job. Also need a handyman, stucco guy, painter.

Just hit the streets and maybe put an ad in Pennysaver or budget newspaper.


Dennis you are offering a nice service, many landlords will be interested in hiring your services. I will also suggest you to make contacts with some well known property management companies through online and offline networks. One of the best network will be with the American Apartment Owners Association or AAOA. Join them(its free) and get lot of free services and opportunity to meet landlords and property owners. List your services in their vendor directory. Good Luck!

join your local REI club as an associate member. You can direct market to both PM’s and owners!


yes I will hit the street and get the word out about my services.

and the rei club meeting I have been meaning to go to for years . I heard many good things about it , but it is a good 50min drive or so one way. and My wife works week nights so I’ll have to find a baby siter for our son , but im sure the information I could learn will be worth it.
thanks for all the responces