Property Managment Companies!!!

Hi All,

Anyone know where I can get a listing of reputable property managment companies in NYC? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

There are lots of them.
Most of the ones I know manage large accounts, co-ops,condo’s etc.
You shouldn’t have trouble finding one to fit your needs

Thanks! I’m just looking for someone to manage a 3 family multi-unit. I don’t want to deal with tenants.

Have you tried using search engines on the internet? Google is where I always start with questions like that. You could probably find some associations and check with their membership lists.

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Did it myself, this is one link that might help

I just realized you asked for reputable companies, and this doesn’t do that, but it is a place to start. Hope it helps. If you want companies with good reputation, try finding out how they stand in their associations, and/or ask for references.

Good luck,


Thanks for the feedback d_sbrown. I’ll check out those options.