Property management software

We are in the market for a property software program that is effective and reasonably priced.
Used for apartment buildings 8 units and above. Do you have any advice?


We started using Tenant Pro this spring and am very happy with it. We did a demo of about every software out there and this seemed the best for us. It will pay for itself in the amount of time it saves you. Also, it was the only one with Microsoft Word built in. Click on a tenant and it will imput the info into any form, letter or agreement you want to send.
Second choice would be Rent Manager. Has forms, but not in Microsoft Word. Third would be Mike Butlers Tenant Tracking, but only if you dont have very many units. Not much in the forms department.
This is just my personal opinion of the products. Most have free demos, so check them out on your own. Remember you get what you pay for though.

We really liked the online aspect of Buildium. We also tried out which was a little less (I think their plans started at $7/mo). My wife and I have tried numerous desktop-based packages, such as and the Quicken Property Manager, but we love the web-based ones much better - nothing to install, no upgrades to worry about, etc. I did do a post about this on my blog if you’re interested, comparing the various options we tried and what went into our decision making process to pick one. Just let me know and I’ll send the link!


Is TenantPro for free?

I’ve heard some good things about landlord. I don’t know any free programs out there, but you can try a search on for them or just google it of course :biggrin

We have tried out propertyware and buildium and rentpost. Not really happy with any of them. We are looking for something with an API, so we can integrate it into our crm. Propertyware has one, but it’s windows based and weird.

Till now I had tried out landlord,tenantPro and buildium software…Three of them worked great for me…My experience with all the three was good…

Rent Manager is a Residential and Commercial Property Management Software solution designed specifically to help today’s Real Estate professionals work more efficiently and effectively.

Tenant pro is not free. Why would you want to cut coroners?

I don’t know why I would want to cut coroners. :cool

It’s usually the coroners that do the cutting…just sayin’…


I’ve been in commercial property management for 7 years and tried a number of different software’s. My favorite is Yardi by far. It’s fairly expensive, but it’s the best out there IMO. Very user-friendly also.