Property management company

I am wanting to run a property management company along as a source of income. The only question I’m faced with is licensing. Do I have to be licensed to do it? I am thinking so. Is a Real Estate License sufficient? What if at my PM company I have a realtor on staff would that suffice?

You need a broker’s license in most states. In some, you can’t represent the owner in court and would need a staff attorney or have a relationship with one.

What about something like a service business where I prep and stage apartments/properties between tenants to help them rent out faster and for more money under the guise of a Real Estate Management company? I think the requirement for broker’s license is because of the things like bringing a landlord and a renter together etc. other things that brokers do. What about my specific crap that does none of that? I just can’t come up with a company to call it besides a property management company?

Then call it a staging company. You aren’t managing anything and it’s deceptive to use a name that implies otherwise.

Perfect, staging company works great. Thanks.