Property Management Company Needed - Detroit, MI Area

Does anyone know of a good property management company in the Detroit metropolitan area?

This is completely false.

Detroit is an excellent place to buy since you can purchase a bank owned property for little money (as little as 2k) and then you could rent it out using section 8 which pays as much as $975.00 per month.

I am a Rehab Project Manager, and a Property Manager in Detroit, and trust me there are plenty of investors loving this market.

There are investors from all over the country buying hundreds of properties at one time in Detroit…Perhaps this poster is trying to keep this area to himself…

I would agree with Mr. Rehab, it all depends on what you want to do with the properties. Detroit would not be my first choice for flipping a house, but it is a decent area for picking up cash flow if you know how.

Hi Mr.Rehab,

Do you have a property mailing list I can sign on? I am in CT but am actively looking for good cash flow properties in the Midwest.



Check your private messages. I placed my contact info there.

Mr. Rehab