Property Locator Agreement Template

I need to get my office forms together. Looking for a Property Locator Agreement Template and other templates relating to what we do when we locate and sell the information to Investors. Can anyone help?

Howdy Jblakey:

Just start typing and make up what you want to have your buyers agree to. Some title companies may have an assignment of contract agreement you may use.

Hi. I’m the new guy (my disclaimer) but would any of these forms help?

That site seems like an interesting one and I have bookmarked it, but I don’t think I will pay good money for any of those forms I am sure I could get ahold of locally for free.

We’re stuck in snow here in DC so I’m back at the computer going through some of these posts… Wow I’m glad i found this forum!

As far as those legal forms go…the ones on that main page are free. :beer: That’s why I thought they’d be a good resource. The state specific forms are the ones you have to pay for.

Ahh roger! I had clicked on the state specific ones to look. heh

Anyways, just to let ya know about the original post. In some states possibly all it is illegal to receive compensation for advertising? helping sell? real estate. So like here in Texas you can not bird dog legally, you must sign a contract and assign it.

Try some of these links

I just googles free real estate legal forms

Hope it helps

Thanks for all the replys. Yes it helps!

you might try this link first.;action=display;threadid=1427