Property Insurance

Got my first investment property.(close 2 weeks) Purchase Price is $87K. Looking for information on landlord property insurance for Houston, TX. What have yall experienced in the way of premiums and coverage levels? I know call an agent for quotes. Doing that. Any other recommendations on how to find insurance companies to use for a property in Houston, TX.

flyer, I cannot speak to the houston area specifically, as I’m in Amarillo. I can tell you that property ins. in TX is pretty much a nightmare right now. A lot of companies won’t write landlord policies.

Check farm bureau, allstate. Ours are w/ a company called National Lloyds.

Typically, you’ll get the best rates if one company insures you on everything (your home, autos, etc.) Plus then you can get an umbrella if you feel you need more liab. coverage or something.

Congrats on your deal!
Karla in Amarillo

I’m retired military and use USAA. They will insure up to 5 rental properties. After that they want you to move to a more commercial-type company…

I am in NW Louisiana and I just insured two properties at a cost af about $250-260 a year each.


karla in amarillo,

i’m an investor in the amarillo, plainview, lubbock area. do you wholesale or retail?


All of my properties are in the Killeen/Fort Hood area, and I use American Modern Insurance Group, which is sold by independent agents. They are selling Form III, I don’t think they do Form I in Texas anymore because of water claims.

Or you can add it on to your primary residential insurance carrier at a pretty good discount I believe?

Good Luck!


The policies that I have are individual to the house but the liability is an ‘umbrella’ with my residence. It only costs a few dollars to add them and raise the limit.


getting quotes in now. thank for yalls suggestions. so far it does look like my existing insurer is the lowest. do yall carry any extras on your policies like rent loss, vandalism, etc.? Just gotta have a sit down with agent so I know exactly what is covered and my best options. Does $500/yr. premium, dwelling of $111,000 with replacement cost rider, 1% deduct. seem reasonable?


$500/yr sounds like a great deal, and of course a 1% deductible.

I pay more than that for a $67k property, but its an older frame house. (it was my first) now I buy brick or stone veneer homes, which really drops the insurance premiums!

Good Luck!



What type of coverage do you have? TDP-1 or TDP-2?

I believe TDP-2 covers pipe bursts, vandalism/mischeif, etc.