property insurance on a sub2

hi all;
i have visited with several insurance agents and have found one that will insure a property bought under a sub2 situation, only requiring the roof to pass unspection. however they need to know the existing mortgage name and this concerns me that they will contact the mtg company regarding the change of policy. as i am not in a position to qualify for a new loan as this is my first deal i really need your imput on this. does anyone know of insurance company in oklahoma that will insure without contacting the mtg company. your imput is greatly appreciated. :banghead

I use an Allstate agent for my sub2 insurance policies. The agent just writes up the policy as if the house is paid for (no mortgage).

I have done tons of subject to with an insurance change. The lender just wants the payments. However, there is a small chance they could get upset. I have never seen it and you should probably not worry about it.

Do change the insurance. There is a much greater possibility of a casualty loss rather than the loan being called.