Property disclosure

If the electrical in a house is on fuses. Do you have to disclose that? It was not disclosed when they originally bought the property, but to the new owners it was no big deal when they found out because the home they grew up in was that way. Now that they want to sell. It has been said that it will not close if they do not update it? If they sell it “AS IS” do they have to disclose? Or should the buyer rely on an inspection?

Any potential buyer can easily see whether the electrical system has fuses rather than circuit breakers. It is not a disclosure item, although a conservative real estate agent will probably include it.

The purpose of the disclosure is to make buyers aware of potential defects that are not readily observable – the hidden defects that would affect the purchase.

I am guessing that the fuse box can be updated to a circuit breaker system for less than $2K.