Properties under LLC or personal name??

I have several properties under my name and my partners, we recently had a tenant make comments that they searched florida records a saw all the properties we own, I want to change the properties to LLC’s/corporation, does anyone know if this would cause our taxes to rise or the implications of changing it?
How does everyone else have their properties listed??
Who could I contact to confirm??
Please and thank you.

LLC or CORP will work but there need to be someone signing for either one. You tenant might just be checking to see if you are in foreclosure. If someone got hurt on your property they can sue you/LLC or CORP as one.

LLC’s are tax neutral. Any income or expenses flow thru to your personal tax return. There will be a return for the LLC. Our LLC is classified as a partnership with my wife and me each having a 50% stake in it so that’s what the return shows.
You could contact a Real Estate attorney in your area to discuss the situation and what it would cost you.
Just realize that if someone wants to try hard enough, they’re going to figure out how many properties you have. It’s public record. So when you start having checks and money orders for rent made out to ABC rentals, LLC - they would just look up ABC rentals, LLC in the tax records and find your properties. I don’t advertise to tenants how many properties we own. I’ve had people ask me directly and I just say “a few.” That’s all they need to know. I could have 100 million dollars in the bank. They still need to pay the agreed upon rent on time regardless.