Properties Records

I would like to know how do other real estate investors manage their property leads and contact numbers? Is there a system that allow you keep all of your real estate investing business in one system to keep up with it easy or more organized or just what are some of your methods, please. :banghead

Thank you so much!!! :biggrin

I simply use an excel spreadsheet with numerous workbooks so everything is in one place

Thank you Varian for your response. I started using excel spreadsheets, but how do you keep up with leads that you called or need to follow up on? Do you do color code? Thats a good idea with the workbooks, for some reason I didnt think of that :doh I guess I was thinking to hard. That makes me feel a lot better. :banana


Yes - I think too hard sometimes too so no worries.

I have my leads worksheet, application and deal analyzer all on one workbook. Then as I put together a deal I just save it as the Owner name and make a notes on my master sheet. And yes, I color code - but be sure to include notes - and you’re good to go.

Great. Thanks Varian :dance