Properties in Syracuse, NY

I am finding a lot of properties offered (multifamily) in the Syracuse area. I live in NC. Does anyone know how that market is or can offer any suggestions. THanks in Advance!!

Where are you located…?

Why Syracuse? Why not NC?

Syracuse can be really hit or miss. You need to know exactly where you are investing, which I would not recommend long distance.
Unless you are planning on moving to Syracuse?
Might want to visit the REI club website for that area:
LOL I grew up in Lake Tahoe…go to sleep with no snow on the ground, wake up with 5 feet! I love to ski, I hate athlete’s foot!

I grew up in New England – I still have my Sorels and a snow shovel but I’d prefer not to use them!


I get emails from an investment group in that area and wanted to request my reiclub friends advice before moving on any properties!