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I am thinking of purchasing a property in michigan, it is at a very low cost. Does anyone have any advice about purchasing a property from long distance? i live in utah, but the properies in michigan are very low priced, i even found someone who can property manage it for me. any advice for me?


Michigan is a big state so there is lot's of properties to choose from, if your refering to Detroit I have had investments there and personally would not invest there again as there were many headaches and the potential available renters / buyers in that market are being reduced every year as the population continues to dwindle!

I guess if you could buy something in good shape, rent it for a few years and walk away if you could not re-sell it you might be OK! (Buy for $5k, rent for 2 years at $750 a month and walk away.)

Just make sure you hold title in a LLC and keep it legal so there is no personal responsibility if you could not re-sell and were forced to walk away!

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What part of Michigan? I buy properties here now and have no trouble other than normal. If you buy in war zones it is the same as any other city and its war zone. I buy in South west lower Michigan and i just purchased a 2 bed 2 bath home in a rural town with a very large carport and double lot for 5000 and I will wholesale it for 15000 to a guy that will fix it and sell on a land contract at 45-50000. It only needs about 3000 to fix it to rental standards. It is livable the way it is.
Know your market.

LOL,Tandie,where do I begin.If you’re looking at Detroit please don’t even waste you time and money…I have a friend who lives in Detroit and she will be relocating to Atlanta next year; I called about a few properties up there and they had a lot of back taxes and not to mention the other BS that came with it.

If you like the Mid West I suggest looking at St Louis.The properties are in way better shape and the taxes are low.Hey I’m investing out there. :bobble

There are many questions that I have for you rather than a knee jerk answer that may have no real value to you.

If you are interested, I will share what I can.

James Irvine

Hi tandie1m,
The best you can do is get to know the area as someone mentioned earlier. I’ve had the learning of purchasing in an area that wasn’t so great because we were able to get the house at a good price; I would not do that again. There were many headaches. In my opinion, sometimes it’s not worth the hassle, no matter how much the house costs, if the house is in a war zone; especially given these tough economic times. However, if you still feel compelled to purchase there, you’ve gotten to know the area and have an understanding of the risks involved, and have taken some steps to minimize these risks, give it a shot. If you do that, I would say take it slow, purchase that one property to see how it goes before you buy additional property. Best wishes!!!

Ok, this post started in September and now it’s mid-December. Just curious. How did you make out?