Properties available no buyers need to build database

Hi what is the fastest way to set up my database of investors looking for deals, Rehabbs, multi- units, and others my focus as i get started is to find deals for other invetors as i learn the ropes. I have a great number of properties lined up but dont want to tie up any properties without having a professional to pass it on too. i’ve joined a couple of groups but my database is to small. Comments please

u want to build a database of buyers?

so you want to do this because you want to wholesale real estate?

the ways to build a buyers list or database of any type of customer are marketing (you need a business plan - at the very least a basic one to give you direction)

networking at rei clubs in person - forget about online - it’s very hard to accomplish online because people are so hesitant to engage in business with people they’ve never met or they don’t know enough about.

finally - you have to just build a list of contacts and call’em.

you’ll need a sales pitch that is short, clear and interesting.

you need two types of customers -

those that are in need of selling their homes (sellers)


buyers - looking to buy rehabs or just anything under valued


you’ll need financing, like an affiliate - someone like a broker who can qualify your potential buyers, get’em financing so they can close the deal.

good luck - keep in touch…

Thank you that those help. i have been thinking of setting up a plan just been a lil hesitant about it. thnk you i appreciate you taking the time for the advice thank you.