Proof of Funds Letter


I’m doing a wholesale deal…where do I get a proof of funds letter for my deal?

Just to the left of this post is a category called Investor Resources. There is a tab that says Proof of Funds letter

Just go to you local bank or credit union, etc. and ask for one.

If you have the funds they will issue one.

If you do no have the funds you are playing with fire to create one.

@stownsend Are you the wholesaler or the end buyer?

I’m new to this forum and a new wholesaler. Tks

you may find this useful:,55733.0.html

Thanks! The agent is asking for it to be included in my offer - not sure why at this juncture.

There are hard money lenders that will fund true wholesale deals 100% LTV for up to 90 days. This would be a great option that would kill two birds in one stone.

POF Letter (Real)
Funding for you to flip to your end buyer.

Check your local hard money lenders. We have a few here in Atlanta.


I want to wholesale the deal to a cash buyer investor. How would having a hard money lender benefit me, please explain? Sounds like I would be taking possession of the property if I get a hard money lender. I’m not sure if this was what you meant - please explain.

Would I need to have an end buyer before the 90 days ends? Let me know. Also, can you forward the contact number for the hard money lender. Tks.

Why do you need a POF letter? Are you going thru a Realtor?
I suggest buying direct from sellers