Proof of Funds letter

Hello everyone. I am trying to get a proof of funds letter so I can get my first wholesale deal done this week. I heard good things about and attempted to sign up for their free membership to get the POF letter, but it is telling me that I’m not putting my address in the registration form but I am. Also, Coastal-funding’s website no longer does Proof of Funds letters apparently. Is their any other sites you could recommend I can go to to obtain a proof of funds letter?


Try shortsalefundingnow dot com or shortfunding dot com.

I usually use and it’s free. The best part is they actually do transactional funding too if that’s what you’re into.

I have heard that you can get your buyer to give a proof of funds letter. How does that work? Anyone know?

Here you go try this site:

Hope this helps :smile