Proof of funds letter in writing all cash offers

Hello, new to wholesaling here in So. Cali, well actually been on the sidelines for about 2 years, just haven’t been able to put wholesaling into action yet. In writing offers to these REO’s, proof of funds is a requirement these days. Anyone care to share or recommond any creative ways to show the bank(seller) proof of funds. I’ve heard of these transactional funding companies, but they require me to have an end buyer in place already. I’m trying to get the offer accepted and wholesale, so I dont actually have
the buyer just yet. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!


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You can get a proof of funds letter from anyone. It doesn’t have to be from your end buyer. It could be your IRA or a friends bank account or whatever. If doesn’t mean that the money has to come out of this account.

Ok, I have a friend in mind… Now am I submitting the offer in his name and show the bank his proof of funds? Or could I put the offer in my name and submit his proof of funds? go there
get a proof of funds here, you don’t need to have an end buyer in place.