Proof Of Fund Help!

I’m looking to do short sales on my own, however the big hurdle is the proof of funds to get the lender to accept the offer.

I would like to find someone who can provide the POF and share the profit.

Has anyone heard of this or done this. If I can find someone it would be great because I come across tons of SS’s.

Any ideas or suggestions???

The easiest way around that is a pre-qual letter for your buyer.

I don’t recommend faking a proof of fund by using hard money. If the hard money lender is willing to fund, then they can place the $$ in escrow. You can open escrow at the same time that you submit the ss package.

It is a disservice to the distressed home seller if the ss is approved and the buyer cannot close due to lack of funding. Secure the funding for real before submitting a ss package.