Proof of cash options

I need some advice on how to submit proof of cash for a wholesale deal. We are pretty new at investing and are starting out with wholesaling to get some cash flow going.

Would a hard money lender be help in a wholesaling situation? Would it be wise to get just pre-qualified but not actually use the money?

I swore I already posted a reply to this…I wonder what happened to it…

I swore I already posted a reply to this...I wonder what happened to it...

Well, it could be several things…

  1. You had a really long weekend.
  2. You responded to a similar post, not this one.
  3. The Forum Goblin ate it.
  4. You violated one of the Forum rules and a Moderator deleted it.

Not sure what happened…what was your reply?

LOL. :biggrin

I’m going to go with door number two! I found the other, it was a duplicate post. But the long weekend was a close second.