Promise of Building Company Credit: Is this For Real ?

I found a posting on a website with the promise to build your credit and need advice before I proceed. Here are the details to my inquiry:

Looking to hire high fico 700+ partners/CFO’s to build 100mil+ in business credit/capital&Production:

You must have a 700+ credit score in order to get approved into our program. Once working with us you will be the CFO for one of our affiliate corporations as well as DNW. You will be able to build 100k to 1mil in capital and credit for our corporation and get paid 10% of generated credit as well as be a part of an organization that is projected to have 50 to 100 cfo’s by the end of the year working together to achieve 50 to 100 million in capital and credit all together. Here is some information about the CFO duties and benefits. You will also be able to offer our programs and services if you are interested in any particular division. You may review our programs and services to see what we focus on. Thank you and please provide your contact information.

My question is this a scam or can this really be done?

Scam at worst, poor decision at best. They want to link your credit history to their borrowing needs. What happens to your credit rating when they don’t make their payments? All of the risk is your’s with the potential that they will pay you a 10% return?

I agree. One thing my mentors always tell me is you have to truly know and be sure who is your business partner.

The people you could be investing with might turn out to be white collar criminals. Who take out a lot of debit, then declare bankruptcy.

I would not go for it.


In the spirit of Forst Gump. RUN LISA RUN!!! :biggrin