Project management

I was wondering if any one here has any recommendations on managing a rehab schedule. this is my first rehab and I have identified all the necessary tasks that need to be done. Know I need to build schedule from the task list to ensure things are done efficiently (i.e. in the right order and combining like tasks such as spraying ceiling texture…etc to save time). Anyone use MS Project? any other systems? I have started building a Gantt chart in Excel, but its cumbersome.
Any ideas? Thanks for any tips.

I use MS Project at work and “stubby pencil” for rehabs…unless this is a huge rehab, don’t let the administrative tasks overcome the actual rehab work…

If it is rather complex, MS Project is certainly a better choice than Excel.


I’ve used Excel for some bigger rehabs and a good notebook and pencil for smaller ones. MS Project great for big projects, but overkill for rehabbing in most cases (IMHO).

Thanks for the responses…maybe I am over-thinking it.
I think I’ll start simple and see how it goes.

Sounds like a better plan already… :wink: