Professional paint sprayer VS a paint sprayer & air compressor

For painting a house, would you guys recommend using an air compressor and professional paint gun attachment?

Or a professional all-in-one paint sprayer?

I think the air compressor / paint gun attachment would be a smarter choice if you bought it, as over the long run, the air compressor could be used with a nail gun attachment, etc, etc.



I haven’t used a paint gun with an air compressor for painting houses (only cars). I did paint for a couple years for a construction company using one of the professional all-in-one sprayers. It worked very well. There were two of us. Using that sprayer and an 18" roller, we could make short work of a home interior. You just have to clean the sprayer really well when you’re done.

House paints are going to be WAY to thick to spray with a compressor and gun, airless sprayer is the way to go.

I don’t do alot of painting so I went to Home Depot and purchased a Wagner painter. I was out the door for $158 and change and it came with a cool paint remover that would rip the paint off anything it actually worked to well! Anyway the thing is awesome for the money a great sprayer. It is a yellow pan that holds bout 2.5 gal. of paint you just dump it right in put the lid on and paint. It comes with a ten foot hose or so and was great for working around the room finish move to next room repeat. Again it worked well for the money. The thing is I do not paint daily with it so fort he volume I am doing it is a great fit.

If you plan to paint alot (daily) then a pro set up is the better way to go they will run from $250 on up and you can put the pick up right into the 5 gal. bucket. Nice set up but do you need it? Probally not.

If you are going to spray grab a respirator a good one $20, blue painters tape, and plastic light for masking windows and heavy for the floors. If you need any more advice on spraying I can give you the run down on the prep to make life easier.

Just clean the sprayer and the primer on the thing VERY well or you will end up miserable.


That Wagner Paint Crew (painter) you bought does look pretty neat. If you read the reviews for it, basically they repeat what you say — clean it well and it will work well. If you don’t clean it, it will jam up on the 2nd time it’s used. Also some people don’t realize they need to thin out the latex and/or oil based paints when they should.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I went ahead and went with the air compressor for the reason posted above. You can use it for multiple things. I have three kids and and a pool and we are constantly filling up bike tires, basketballs, pool toys, etc… You will get a ton of use out of the air compressor.

Also, any paint sprayer has to be thoroughly cleaned after every use.

I bought a Titan airless sprayer a year or so ago at the local home improvement store for about $350. I buy paint at Walmart for $12 a gallon it runs under the name Color Place. I heard that it is made by a reputable company so I decided to try it. To make a long story short I painted the entire house for around $250 in a very quick time. I painted the outside in 2 days. I asked for $2500 for the job from my hard money lender and was paid no problem. I made money on the job and the rehab which is what I try to do. Use brushes only on small jobs and trim work. You’ll never go back when you can spray paint an entire wall in 1 minute flat and re-coat in 1 minute. Done. Couldn’t tell the difference from Super Paint from Sherwin Williams which I used on the last job which runs at over $22 a gallon. It’s easy and you don’t need to hire someone ever again. Just make sure you pressure wash with a good solvent and bleach mixture and then rinse well. Let dry- then paint.

I save so much money with my Titan.