Producing Bandit Signs

Does anyone have any insight on how much it cost to produce bandit signs and what would be needed to produce them? I think it could be a profitable business for a broke college student like myself. Thanks.

There are many companies out there making bandit signs. Do a google search and you will see how much they cost and what they look like.

It all depends on the machinary you have to cut them and print on them and the source of the raw material and quantities you purchase.

They sell for only a few dollars each, how much profit do you expect to make after you buy equipment, materials, etc? I would think you’d be barely over minimum wage- all the risk of starting a business and none of the profit. Stick to real estate investment, forget real estate signs.

I agree with rich, instead of producing signs, I would focus on finding deals, I have only been using my new signs for 3 weeks and have already got a deal that will make me a $15k plus profit. I can buy alot of signs with that