Problems refinancing

Will lenders at some point begin to pass on me because of “too much activity”?

I am under the impression that as long as I keep my full time job, and my rents are more than 75% of my PITI - I wont have a problem refinancing properties.

Is this true?

Yes and no…

FNMA programs will cap you off once you have 10 properties, but there are still lenders that will don’t have a property limit (but you will be capped at 70 LTV or less with them).


Scott Miller

Thanks for the clarification Scott.

I was prepared for the 10 loan limit, which leads me to another question. Is it 10 loans or 10 properties?

Once I reach the limit, I plan on getting a biz “portfolio” loan to carry several of my long term properties. This leads to another question. Is the interest deduction on a biz loan the same (from a tax perspective) as the interest deduction for a mortgage?