problem with pc

I am having trouble with my Internet explorer.It is doing some very odd things.Sometimes it will completely close the page i am visiting for no reason or it will be very slow loading pages and when i say slow i mean very very very slow for eg i tried to google something and after 10 minutes of the page trying to load i gave up.I thought that it was perhaps the topic i was searching so i tried putting in random things to see if that made any difference but it didn’t.Another problem i had was when i was on a forum and clicked on a link and nothing happened i tried to open a new tab and that wouldn’t work either and it would let me access any options that are in my tools menu.i had to restart my computer.Just to let you know i have high speed Internet connection.Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me with this problem.

We’re not really technical support, so I’m betting most of your responses will be to call the techsupport company for your computer or a local “pc doctor”, companies who help solve software or hardware issues. You’ll most likely need to pay them.

You can also try different browsers to see if it’s just one that’s having issues.

The VERY/ first thing I would do if I were you would be to unplug the computer from the internet and run both a virus scan and an spyware scan. While it may not be the problem, it would definately rule out a virus and/or spyware problem.

Note: Click Start->Run… and type ‘msconfig’ to see what is being loaded at boot time (under the “Startup” tab). If there is a virus and/or spyware program running, chances are you’ll see it in that list. There are also some good free programs that you can use to manually delete these boot -time entries. Just be careful you know what you are doing.

Next, I would see what your free space is on your system. You could be running out and the system is doing it’s best to page the data in-and-out of memory. If so, try to remove as much un-needed data as you can and/or invest in a new or additional hard drive to store the data. You can buy external USB 2.0 drives for <$100.

Next, run Windows update to make sure you have the latest-n-greatest of your OS (including IE) patches.


This is why I use Macs!

I’m a die hard Linux geek myself, although, “black hats” are beginning to infiltrate that OS as well (albeit, on a vastly smaller scale). My wife’s home computer recently got infected by a virus and it took forever to clean. Symantec antivirus quaranteed the virus, but it had already created havoc. I ultimately had to reinstall the OS from scratch as things were a total mess. If I ever find one of those virus writers, it won’t be pretty.