Probate - The Unsaturated Market???

Hey guys,
I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with doing real estate deals with properties in Probate? I have been dabbling in the creative real estate techniques for about a year and made some money dealing in foreclosures, but am finding that it is a completely saturated market where I’m from (Northern New Jersey). I would like to start getting into properties in probate. Does anyone have any information about how exactly the probate process works or better yet, how to find a few leads using cheap marketing ideas? I would imagine the process itself is state specific, but I was just looking for a few ideas on how to pick up some leads while I get going. I have done the usual…direct mailings, signs, car magnets, etc…Does anyone have any helpful info that can get me started finding some of these probate leads?
Thanks for the help!!

Call the county office ask for the Register of Wills department and ask for the last file number that they submitted. Start with that number and do your research for PRs. If your Register is online, even better.

Look for decendent that had property.