probate specific question

to those who mail to probate - after which mailing do you see the response please.


I dont direct mail to Probates… It hard for them to open mail… Too much dirt on them…

For me probate sellers are included as a sub group in my six primary marketing groups…

Good Luck


Oh, I get it…'cause they’re dead.


Keith it is my 3rd grade humor… I need a humor Boot Camp or course…

Yes, indeed…it’s part of your charm.


Charm… Damn it… I try and not have charm… I have been working on being an A-Hole for 46 years now…

Well, now that you mention it…



Question to those who mail to Personal Representative of probate - after which mailing do you see the response please?

If you mail them a letter that says:

"Dear Personal Representative,

I heard that your aunt has passed. I also heard that she has a house that she left behind. I’m interested in buying it really cheap and selling it for a whole lot more. Give me a call.

I bet you’ll get a call with the FIRST mailing!!