probate/short sale

I was attempting to do a short sale with Chase on a house I am buying in probate. It was a small short sale of 10k. However, the 10k puts it 10k above the price I am willing to pay so I might as well be off by 100k now. Chase told me they would not even consider a short sale while it is in probate. I have never heard of such a thing. I do a ton of short sales but not a lot that are also in probate. Is this typical or is there some other avenue I can take? If I do not get the short approved I can not buy it and it becomes an inslovent estate and the attorney will pull out and off it goes to the auction. Other than going to the auction (which is obvious) any suggestions?

talk to the personal representative.

They are the one that signed the p&s to sell it to me. But the lender will not talk to me about selling it until it is clear of probate.