Probate searches

I have been wanting to get into probate properties and have had a hard time trying to get information. I did go to the courthouse to see if there is a “List” but the list had everything from petty theft to probate cases listed. Has anyone found an easier way? I would appreciate your feedback.

Hi Terri, have you tried listsource?

I did see some posts about it but I have not checked it out yet. It is so easy to go back to what I know. We have a website that directs traffic to us, I also go to local auctions. It is super competitive though and some leave little room for a profit.

Suggest you google “Rick the Probate Guy”. Probate is all he does. Attend some of his classes…

Good Luck

Thank you very much !! I will look him up.

Have you googled if your county lists probates online? You can always check the Public Record Center website which lists counties who have online probate or other court records.