Probate Question?

I went to the Baltimore Register of wills last week to look at the probate information they have on their computer and to pull out information on probate case with real estate. I was not able to spend as much time as I wanted to gather and systemize the process for my staff because they were going on a public holiday.

My question on the matter is, does anyone have a detailed explanation on how to look through the documents per probate case to find out those that have real estate and also to get the important information?

Your input on the matter will be appreciated.

Owen Mcgab Enaohwo

The information at my local surrogate’s office includes a link to an electronic copy of the will. The house is often listed in the will. Other than that, I look at the address of the deceased to determine if it is in my target area. I then cross reference the address to the real estate listings in the county clerk’s office, which conveniently for me, is in the next room. By the time I leave, I know the address of the executor, the address of the property, and a reasonable estimate of the equity in the property.