Probate Marketing Question...

I searched through the forums but couldn’t find any real opinions on this.

I have been marketing to Probates for more than 5 years and I’m curious what others are doing. Of those of you who are also marketing to probates when you see the spouse is the executor or admin of the estate are you still contacting them? And, what’s your thinking behind it if you do or not?

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I always send them a letter. I have a letter created that isn’t so right to the point of sell me your house fast. But it has worked in the past. I typically just mail them. Even if the spouse is the executor of the estate, I send them the letter because they are the ones who typically want to sell it the most. But I usually wait a few weeks to mail them, especially when I comb through the obits.

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Great tip for probate marketing.

Send them a few letters

yes, I will always send multiple letters too

Probate is a great lead source! I mail them about once every 2 months! Consistency is key

I have been mailing probates for over 10 years. I ran my own stats and found that on average, 22% of the people who file for probate sell in the first year. That is a huge percentage. Some of my largest deals have come from probates. Always use a formal and professional letter when mailing probates, never use yellowletters for probates. People in those situations want to deal with a professional not someone who send them a yellow letter. Also, avoid mailing around Christmas time.

Wow, I can only imagine how those conversations go. Solid Tip!

Great feedback! I agree you have to use professional letterhead, etc with probate leads. We’ve been fortunate with hard work to get a probate deal about every 2-3 months. We rehab these properties to flip.

Personally, when I teach someone to search courthouse records for Probate cases, I only market to estates that has real property listed. I do not market to the estate when I see the executor or administrator is the spouse.

Excellent feedback on searching Probate cases. Time is critical and you want to make sure your searching for the right prospective seller.

We started out mailing to the spouse. Finally decided to stop due to the upset calls we kept receiving from the kids. Just our personal decision. I’m ok with irate calls, but this is just a more sensitive area. I’m sure we’ve lost a few deals by stopping but we’re ok with it.

We use a personable letter sharing our experience with the passing of my wife’s parents and then follow up with a series of 3-4 other letters. I haven’t mailed any out since we set up our new website so I’m looking forward to seeing if that makes a difference