Probate list

I have been goin to all the city hall and it is a very time consuming proccess to build my probate list. I went to the local court house and they were no help i just think they werent educated on the process of finding them there. Any way is there a website or any info would be great thanks oh and im located in CT

So just what is it that you’d like us to vote on?


Go to where the dead people are!.. Fairly easy to build a list that way.

The DMV???

NO BODY has a source of probate leads? :help


This guy has a probate list.

John $Cash$ Locke

John ya know you’re old when AARP comes a callin’ and the life insurance companies stop bugging you.

A probate list is probably the 7th or 8th prospect type you should prospect to. If you need a list you can build your own by either visiting the court house, networking with probate attorneys, marketing within sale packets at the funeral home, advertising in the obits, join the prayer group at church. Or market to the top six prospect groups and they will lead the probates to you.

I don’t promote bandit signs but a nice bill board around funeral homes or cemeteries might get you a call.