Probate letter timing

I sent this out before, but I did not get an answer. How soon after the probate is filed do you send them a letter?

From a marketing stendpoint, I think it’s all a matter of what message you’re using in your letter and who is receiving it.

If you plan to be specific about the death and you know the letter is going to a loved one, I’d probably wait a little while. A month? Maybe two?

Thing is, others won’t wait, so you really do need to be there sooner.

That is why I’d suggest trying a letter that is not specific about the death, but rather that simply offers your service and tells how–wow, what a coincidence!–you buy properties from estates, etc.

I have seen letters that offer condolences and so forth, but that would really rub me the wrong way if I were to get one. You didn’t know Uncle Hank, and you won’t miss him one bit!

Thanks Paul

Audience, message and timing are the three critical factors you need to test to determine the proper mix/highest response rate.

Paul has given you some great pointers about how not to be perceived as an ambulance chaser; the passing of a loved one need not be a part of your pitch (it’s disingenious and transparent to most).

Your answer might lie in how you would handle this transition.

If someone close to you should pass, is your immediate concern going to be how do I dispose of his earthly assets?

No, your are going to go through the mourning process first and settle affairs after the “dust settles”.

I think a multi-step selling process would work best (a multi-mailer campaign, not a one shot approach) in this niche and would allow you to capitalize on “being at the right place at the right time”.

I would mail the first piece 7-10 days after the final arrangements have been completed and repeat every 7-10 days thereafter for a period of 45-60 days.


Scott Miller

Definitely multi-point pitch. I wouldn’t address the death initially either.

I got quite a few calls from my initial campain, but no sales. They don’t seem to be very motivated. Any ideas?

How many letters/cards and how many calls?

Well. I sent out 40 letters and got 5 calls. I realize that is not that much

Not many to use to figure out your results. I will say this though, just after their relative has passed might not be a good time for them and maybe urgency to sell hasn’t hit them yet. Send another card or letter in a week or so, then one a few weeks later. If it hasn’t been sold to someone else a month after that try again, and again a few months later. I would try switching up your letters each time and be sure to use key terms like “Fast Cash for your house.” At some point they will have a need to unload fast due to paying the property taxes, etc.