Probate Investing

Hi everyone, Jim here and first post on this forum - I hope have some engaging conversations here.

I put together an article on probate investing with an overview of this process:

I would be curious to get any feedback as to your experiences when marketing to probates. This has been an often overlooked but lucrative niche to get more deals.

The buying probate real estate is highly profitable. The probate procedure can be irritating for a seller and it provides you the perfect chance to get home at low rates.

As James said , its highly profitable but need to handle it carefully.

I checked out your blog on Probate st moved from Los Angeles to Dallas and this is totally different Market but Probate remains the same I believe Probate is the low hanging fruit and a much ignored niche because it requires a whole lot more work and effort to go to the court to research PR but it can be very profitable !!

Thanks for sharing article about probate investing.

I bought my first probate property through direct marketing a couple months ago. It is highly sensitive and difficult at times. Many people are not happy to receive letters, but you can also help people as well. I am an agent so I can list a home if the numbers don’t work.