Probate Homes

Is there anybody out there that has had a lot of experience in buying probate homes. If so, what kinda success have you had with it?

Probate homes can be a good way to buy but can be hard to get everyone to agree. I had a house under contract on 12th street and the aunts that had been the caretakers of the house and had been paying the taxes for years wanted to get rid of the burden. Some of the heirs did not want to sell because it was their aunties house and never wanted to see it changed. A lot of this in estates etc. Really makes it difficult to be rational. Another estate on the east side is the Owens Estate. Still in court litigation after years about who is related to whom etc. Some of it was settled but several of the little houses on 12th st too are still boarded up.
Great way to find bargains if you can get clear title. There are affidavits of heirship available to help clear title problems if there was no will

Good luck and thank you,
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