Probate envelopes

Do you hand address these or run them threw the computer. I was told to hand write them, but it does not seem necessary with Probates

It is VERY necessary for probates. Hand write them as the mailing is not going to be that great(50-100 at most)…tilt the stamp and handwrite them if you want a better response. Good Luck!

But Why?

The same reason you want to handwrite envelopes to preforeclosures…they are in distress. This is a better way for you to make sure they will OPEN the letter, afterall that is your objective. I suggest going through the marketing forum and searching some probate information and letter examples for more info. Before you contact these leads, be sure you have consulted with a probate attorney to outline the process because this is the only way you will nail the meeting with the homeowner. Good Luck!

Cuz it looks like you took your time to do that.
I don’t know about you, but I always open the hand-written letters… I can’t say the same about the other type of letters…

You have to remember that just because a property is in probate does not mean that the family and emotion are no longer involved. Often the court appoints a relative as executor so they will be opening or not opening your letters.

Simple. Junk mail comes with pre-printed addresses and it gets thrown into the trash without opening it.

A hand written address is a “letter”. It’s come from a person, so it gets opened.

I doubt that the hand written address will make them more receptive to your offer, but at least they will see your offer.

“be sure you have consulted with a probate attorney to outline the process because this is the only way you will nail the meeting with the homeowner” (quote)

Wait?..this step is not in my deal finding course! I’m actually putting together a list of executor/trix to mail my Probate marketing campaign to, no where in my course does it mention anything about talking to an attorney first before being able to sit down with the executor/trix. Have you ever bought from probate? Would you mind sharing the steps you take in order to successfully buy from probate?


I used to do “network marketing” and it’s been proven through many studies that hand adressing postcards or envelops will produce a higher response rate (i.e. get more people to read and/or open the letters).

The reason for this is that it initially get’s the person’s attention because it makes them think that it’s from someone they know.

Think about when the last time you got a hand-written letter from someone? For me it was when my grandmom sent me a birthday card several months ago.

It’s more work to handwrite the addresses, but it should create more responsiveness. The personal touch goes a long way. If you’re not sending out more than a few hundred letters, it shouldn’t be too hard. Just do 20-50 per day and in a week or two you’ll have a few hundred to mail out. This is what I’ve done for network marketing, and the same principle applies for probate.

I hope this is helpful to you,
Jeff Allen

It’s also possible to pay a college student or a stay at home mom to address enveleopes for you, of you don’t want to take the time to hand write them yourself (or if your handwritting is not legible).

But how much?

But how much?

As little as possible :slight_smile: Just not so little that they never do anything. Actually, you should probably pay per envelope as little as you can. It’s not skilled labor.

I don’t pay to have envelopes addressed, so I don’t know what the going rate is. The thing is, the person interested in addressing envelops doesn’t know what the going rate is, either.

What I would do would be to take 100 envelopes and my list. I’d start a timer before I started gathering materieals. Then I’d hand address the envelopes. working at a leisurely pace, maybe getting up for a soda.

I’d fold and place the flier in the envelopes and seal it.

When all 100 were finished, I’d see how long it had taken me.

Then I’d mutiple the number of hours by $25 and I’d have my hundred rate.

I’d run a classified: Make $25 an hour, at home, part time for a few hours a week. Nice handwritting required. Legal work for a local bisiness.

You’ll be buried in calls. Lot’s of senior citizens or stay at home moms would love to have an extra $25 a week for easy work.

I’d take a box of envelopes and a box of fliers over. Then once a week, I’d email the address list. When they were done, I’d pick them up, pay the piece rate, and I’d stamp and mail them myself.

If you’d show them a system, they could work fast and make good money for a short time of work. If they can’t be organized, or they work slow, if doesn’t cost you becasue you pay by the piece-- although if they are slow and disorganized, I’d find someone else.