Probate/Bankruptcy/Divorce Letters

I’m looking for successful marketing letters targeting individuals in the Probate, Bankruptcy and Divorce areas.
If anyone would be willing to share their ideas in these areas , I would appreciate it.

Here is a letter that has worked well for me.


I am writing to you with the simple fact that you may have a property that needs to be sold quickly and/or with creativity depending upon your situation. I am not a realtor wanting to list your property and please know I want to buy your house.

My track record of buying houses is proven. I have a number of ways I can buy your house that can meet your personal needs. I am an investor and simply can’t afford to pay all cash or retail value, however if you have flexibility in either of these then please give me a call at (757) 555-5555 . I hope to hear from you soon and don’t hesitate to give me a call for any questions or comments.