private VM or 800 number

I would like to know what you guys think.

I am debating on getting voice mail service for $10/month and $5/month if I pay up front 6 months of service. This is with my local pager company.

I’ve searched the web for 800/877 numbers and average is $9/month + $.0X per minute.

Which would you recommend and why?

I am leaning towards the private VM because of cost. However, I’ve read that I’ll atrract more calls with an 800 number?

Anyone have experience in this?


I use a 866 number for $2 a month and 6.9 cents a min. And you can route the calls to any number.

So how much is your bill a month?

What company do you use?

If I was to go local the VM is $5 flat rate. Regardless of minutes.


Just an fyi…i’m setting up a call center and a lic’s program in the US hopfuly in the first quarter of “06”
I get call’s all the time…And I’m not all over…right now anyway’s
the phone number will be 1.888.UglyHouse and also 1.866.UglyHouse

I will post more info soon if everyone want’s me to…if not, I won’t
More info soon!!!

So what company is this?

why don’t you get the local number instead?

Joseph Short
Click on the link below the end of this message under my website. That’s the $2/mo, 6.9 cents a minute company (Kall8).
Good luck!