Hi all,

Has anyone taken a how to find private money or a angle investor seminar?

Their are several so call self proclaimed guru teaching their system on this subject.

3 to 4 thousand $ seems like a lot of $ for a 2 day BOOTCAMP.

Was it worth the cost of the seminar? Were you able to find investors to lend you $$$. Any book on this subject? :help

Hi gang. I came across the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fundraising. Has lot of ideas that could be used to find Private Money Investors. Like hang out were rich people go. More latter

Advertise in magazines doctors and lawyers read. The airline magazines are also a good source.

The thing about that is if you are advertising for private money without being SEC compliant than you are setting yourself up for some big time trouble down the road.

How would one go about becoming SEC Compliant?

What are the costs involved, etc?

It seems that a lot of people ask this question, so it would be interesting to know exactly what is involved.

It’s probably harder now than back in the “Bernie Madoff” Golden years …since people are actually watching the SEC now…or pretending to watch the SEC.

If you spent a few thousand dollars on a seminar and learned how to raise a few million dollars wouldn’t it be worth it. That being said some seminars are better than others. Matt Scott, Jillian Sidoti and Dave Lindahl all are pretty informative. Jillian was having some webinars lately on going public so you can legally advertise. And one seminar is probably not enough. You should get different angles on it.

Going public is probably going to cost about $25,000, but well worth it. If you want to do it cheaper, as in without advertising, you will need to network with those that have cash, like at Chamber of Commerce meetings, REIA events, bootcamps,etc.


Who here knows a thing or two about private money?
SEC? Wouldn’t they come after you if you did stupid things like “pooling money” or not securing the investors money?

I have heard Alan Cowgils webinar on several ocassions and thought the guy has a pretty good system in place. Before the market downturn I had luck finding a few private lenders who I used to fund some buy/fix & sell deals.

They were nothing special other than they had a few $$$'s in their account they were looking to get a better return than their bank was willing to pay them.

I’m sure if you looked through public records to see who is funding some of the other rehabbers properties or who is buying & who is funding purchases at the county steps you might locate one or two of these individuals.

who the hell is SEC :slight_smile: and does it have jurisdiction in the 50 states? what’s “SEC compliant”?

SEC= Securities and Exchange Commission. AKA, The FEDS. YES they have jurisdiction in all 50 states.

The quest for Private Money is a whole lot harder than the folks that charge you thousands of dollars for pretty much common sense information. Why? Because people who have capital to invest are worried about the real estate market and others have portfolios under water. The “gurus” won’t tell you that. Then again if they did who would attend their courses. Can it be done… yes but it will usually come from someone you know as a referral.

Here is a simple question to ask yourself. Would YOU loan money to someone you don’t know in a down real estate market if you don’t know much about real estate beyond what you see in the news?

I was looking for the same answer. Finding suitable properties isn’t the hard part. It’s finding someone with cash to invest. My next question is has anyone found a lender that will finance a property 100%. I’d like to take some of the equity out of my rental but recent banking changes have tightened up the LTV limits here in Vegas.

My next question is has anyone found a lender that will finance a property 100%. I'd like to take some of the equity out of my rental but recent banking changes have tightened up the LTV limits here in Vegas.

It is not just in Vegas. Those types of loans (high LTV, Cash Out) are not available anywhere.

Iam talking with a Private Money Investor I meet at a local Real Estate Investment meeting.

He’s retired MD and has some money he likes to play with. Said he will lend up to $20,000 if he likes the numbers on the deal.

So I looking for a deal he will buy into before he loose interest or has his 20k already tied up.