Private money

Anyone have any info that can be passed on about locating private money or info on locating financial partners? :help I am based in So Cal and am finding it very difficult :banghead to double close on my short sales. I have spoken to several title companies who have explained that they will not do them associated with a short due to disclosure issues. Appears the only solution I have is to located a financial partner with the funds necessary to close on the “front” end of the transaction, then once closed we can close on the the 2nd half of the deal and financial partner would be paid back plus his/her fee or split the profits…I would appreciate any insight. I have several I need to close…thanks!!

If you havent found this source of financing it is available exactly as you described. Private lenders that do this can usually fund the same day you put in a request. Because there are no application/credit/employment/income/asset checks the transactions moves very quickly.