Private Money

Looking for private money partners to do deals here in Los Angeles. I am in need of cash to do rehabs here in the San Fernando Area.

I will get the offers on the table, you provide the cash, I have my team come in and do the rehab, and sale of thr property. We make our profit you get inital investment back plus your percentage of the profit (what ever terms agreed upon) and we move to the next deal.

Does anyone know where I can get private investors?


Savella Homes
(323) 344-1446 o
(323) 632-2070 c

check newspapers, local REIA meeting and call HML up. Also since your in Calf, i recommend advertising on website, its free and great exposure… I have found some awesome deals on there in the past.

Im in california, I have private investors…

Link up with a good self directed ira company. You bring the deals, the investors will use their IRA money to finance, and the SD IRA company will handle administering the deal. Most people do not know they can use their IRA money to finance deals.