private money question, whats working?

I have used private lenders in the past to fund my deals. I’ve a bit hesitant lately to do it cause it takes a bit of work. What have you guys (and gals) been doing with success lately to get your deals funded with private lending and making sure that it is there when you find a deal that makes sense?

If I can ask what are you using these days as far as funds?

owner financing and proceeds from wholesales.

How do you find owners who will do owner financing?

target sellers that own houses free and clear or nearly so.
Folks that have held title at least 20 years per the tax records

I apologize for going OT on you but one more question. I see owners on craigslist a lot advertising owner financing are those good leads do you know?

probably other investors. most regular people never even think about it

You can expand your owner financing options. You may be limiting yourself if only searching for sellers with no (little) mortgages.

Consider helping those with mortgages intact do owner financing in which the note they create is sold immediately at closing. They may take a bit of hit on selling the note at discount but in the long run they move their property a lot quicker.