Private Money Lenders - Hard Money Lenders needed for North East Ohio

I’m a rehabber, wholesaler and investor in north east ohio. I’m seeking a private money and/or hard money lender. Currently I have a some great opportunities on the table for cash buyers. I am also structuring a deal with a pre-approved frist time home buyer. I would like to join forces with private money lender or hard money lender. The plan is to locate a distress home at .30%-.50% or lower. The lender and I will then purchase the home. Soon after we’ll have the buyer do a walk through and mark everthing that they would like to see in house according to budget of course. After rehab is complete we’ll do a final walk through and our buyer will purchase the property at retail. I plan to
structure many more deals like this. I’m only interested in someone that is serious about closing deals! Any suggestions on where to find them? Thanks for your time.

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I just sent something to your actual email address ____@_________ . com

This should give you something to work with!


You could also look into some unsecured business lines of credit (UBL’s) as another way to purchase or rehab some of your properties. Just check out all the companies who help in setting them up. Make sure you don’t pay “up-front” fees and make sure they have files with the Better Business Bureau and that their reports with the BBB are clear of blemishes. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that “business credit building” companies will be able to assist you with cash lines of credit. The business credit builder programs are a totally different strategy whereas the UBL’s - if obtained properly - will yield cash lines of credit that do not show up on your personal credit report.

Best of luck!